Hey, where’d my ideas go?

Hey, where’d my ideas go?

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Who’s read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic?  I just had the hugest revelation of this tiny fact – when I am in flow, when I know what I want to say, I have endless ideas about what I want to write about, what I want to talk to you guys about, what I think it’s important to get out there. I compose articles in my head, i record imaginary videos while I’m showering, I think about and work on these ideas while I walk and while I cook and while I hang up the washing. I do not, however, often write them down or record them or act on them. And do you know what happens next? I see my ideas, my articles, sometimes even my headlines, out there on someone else’s page, on someone else’s blog, in someone else’s Facebook feeds. And I’m always disappointed – like, “damn, I was going to write about that and now somebody else has”.

And then this afternoon I’m sitting on the deck, reading a little bit of Big Magic, and Liz is talking about creativity and where ideas come from… and where they go when you lose them. She has figured out that when we’re open to them, ideas will come rushing in, looking for someone to collaborate with, looking for a human partner to bring them to fruition – and if you don’t take them up on that offer, they will just as quickly toddle off to find the next willing partner. So all those ideas I play with and never let out of my head? Of course they’re going to bugger off and find someone else who’ll do the actual work to get them out there! What a surprise.

So from now on, when the ideas come, I will commit to acting on them – I will write something for you, or record something for you, so that I can share all these ideas the way they want to be shared, and stop them from running off to jump onto someone else’s laptop screen!  Hopefully this will mean lots more content coming your way, as I explore all the wonderful ideas that honour me by seeking me out.

Here’s to saying YES and helping fill the world with good ideas!

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