The surprising truth about health.

The surprising truth about health.

Someone asked me an interesting question today – what do I really believe health is all about? Such a simple question really – but how would you answer it?

To me, the biggest association I have with health is freedom. Freedom from disease, yes of course – but so much more than this. Freedom from niggling, annoying health concerns. Freedom from fear of your family history dictating your future health. Freedom from adhering to strict rules around food or lifestyle or behaviour. Freedom from deprivation, shame and guilt. Freedom from dieting.

Freedom from attachment to ideas like “make sure you eat 7 different vegetables everyday” and “make sure you always eat a big breakfast” and “make sure you eat every three hours”. Freedom from wondering what Sarah Wilson would think. Freedom from always thinking about food, about what you can and can’t eat today. Freedom from an obsession with the number on the scale.

Freedom from putting your life on hold until your health and weight reflect an ideal you have in your head. Seriously. Do you realise this means freedom to do whatever the hell you want, right now, without waiting for some totally arbitrary set of circumstances to occur? It does.  (I feel the need to hammer this point a little harder… I really mean it, go for a swim with your kids/grandkids, ride your bike to the park, sunbathe on the front porch, buy some new clothes that you love, go on that overseas trip, join the local tennis club, sign up for that 5k run, go out for a sumptuous dinner & cocktails at that beautiful new bar in that gorgeous frock you’ve been coveting – none of these things need to wait until your shape changes or your weight changes or your skin changes or your arms are less flabby or your butt doesn’t stick out as much. Life is happening. Right now. Are you missing it?).

OK. Rant over. So that is what health means to me – freedom to make my own choices, my own decisions about my and my life. Freedom to explore the vast and limitless possibilities in the health & wellbeing world and build my own version of health that works for me. Freedom to change my path as my circumstances change. Freedom to listen, learn and grow.

Freedom to be me.

Freedom to just be.

Can you see how the journey to health & wellness can lead you to greater freedom? What do you think?


xx Leesa

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