The secret of new beginnings

The secret of new beginnings

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It’s springtime here in Australia – although Melbourne seems a little slow on the uptake (the temperature is struggling to make it into the teens here at the moment!). But despite the prepubescent weather, the trees are blossoming, the sky is a deeper blue, and the mornings are getting lighter. You can feel the change in the air.  And with that feeling comes a new enthusiasm for life, a general uplifting of spirit, new motivation, new inspiration, lightening of burdens.

Have you felt it?

How can you take advantage of this feeling and translate it into real change, transformation and growth?

The Secret of New Beginnings

Spring reminds us of the magic of new beginnings. But what we tend to forget, as we rush through our lives, is that every day – every moment – is a new beginning. Close your eyes, breathe into the moment, and start afresh. No matter what is happening for you, where you are, what you are facing – you have the opportunity right now to choose a new beginning.

Because new beginnings are all about choice, about being aware of what you are choosing.

And the secret within the secret – it’s all YOU. It always was. You hold within you the power to make a choice, right now, or later this afternoon, or tomorrow, or next week, or whenever feels right to you – to make a choice that changes your trajectory. It may be a tiny choice but that’s all it takes. One step in a slightly different direction, and imagine what your life could look like a year from now.

Too many of us put our lives on hold while we wait for something to happen, something to change, something to end, something to begin. I know you’ve heard it before, but life really is right now. This day, what you do, how you think, what you choose – this is you, living your life. The secret is to make choices and take actions that reflect who you want to be.

Maybe today is the day that you’ll lift your head a little, take off the blinkers of habit and routine, and notice the small overgrown trails branching off the well-trodden path of your day-to-day life. Maybe today, you’ll venture down one of them – just a little bit – and find a whole new world of possibilities. All it takes is a single moment and a single choice.

My challenge for you today – look for a new beginning. Make a simple choice to be just a little more You today, to take a step down a new path.

It really is that simple – the secret is choice. It’s up to you.

Choose well my friends 🙂

xx Leesa


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  1. Lovely sentiment and well written. Congratulations. x

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