Silver Linings

Silver Linings

So …  yesterday morning my husband woke up feeling a bit crappy, and within 2 hours he was wrapped up in all his warmest winter clothes, shivering on the couch. I was having a super-productive day, and continued to power through my not-insignificant to-do list while being the compassionate caring wife and occasionally wondering why my body felt a bit achy and my heart was beating a little too insistently. Needless to say, by dinner time I was in the full throes of the same heartless viral infection that he had fallen prey to – painfully aching joints, headache, feverish and miserable.

My first thoughts – I’m sure you know them well – were along the lines of “I don’t have time to be sick! I’ve got too much to do… this better be gone by tomorrow morning”. But as I lay on my daughter’s bed that evening, shivering as I sang her the required seven bedtime songs, and she expressed her sweet 3-year old concern for me, I realised: I’m sick – it happens – but it’s not a reason to focus on the negatives and stop being present. I didn’t want my daughter to learn from me that being unwell was a reason for being miserable beyond the actual effects of the illness. So as we talked about how I was feeling, here’s what occurred to me:

– if I was going to be sick, now was absolutely the perfect time for it. Consider this – less than two weeks ago, we got the keys to our new house, followed by a very busy and demanding week of moving, cleaning and unpacking. Imagine being knocked out by a virus in the midst of this.

– around the same time, miss 3 was unwell herself – meaning no daycare for her and broken sleep for all of us. Thank goodness hubby & I weren’t sick as well!

– last week was my first week back in clinic, and with many Big Bright Plans for 2015 my days were pretty full with meetings, consults, planning and writing. Today happens to be the ONLY day that I have NOTHING scheduled at all – not even any critical tasks to complete (luckily, super-productive me got through them all yesterday!)

So here we are. After managing to get myself mobile & coherent for long enough to get the little one to daycare, hubby and I can indulge in a quiet day on the couch allowing ourselves to rest, reflect & recuperate. A luxury we would not have had any time in the last two weeks (or indeed the last two months). Sure there’s stuff that needs to be done. There’s always stuff that needs to be done. But it can wait.

Life is always shifting and changing, with no consideration for our meticulous plans or fully-booked calendars. How we manage these interruptions is entirely up to us – so next time you’re in a situation like this, take a moment to consider your options. Will you let it bring you down – or will you take the opportunity to find the positives?


xx Leesa


P.S. There was another important lesson in this for me, which has inspired me to share something very cool with you – more on that tomorrow!

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