You know what I’ve realised…

You know what I’ve realised…

… I love my body.

Sure, there’s a few cosmetic eccentricities that I might prefer were different, but for the most part I am learning to leave behind the shame/guilt/denial/hate that we are kind of expected to feel when it comes to our bodies. Instead, I’m feeling grateful for all the amazing gifts my body gives me.

I love… that it is strong and healthy. That I can sit cross-legged on the floor and play with my daughter, and get up again without my joints complaining (too much!)

I love how much my body loves yoga, the stretch and strength and flow and breath and calm, how it really makes my body feel like my home.

I love that it is so good to feel the strength in my legs when I go for a run, to feel that perfect synchronicity of lungs and limbs and breath. I love focussing on each little piece of the whole during those first few minutes while my mind throws up all sorts of obstacles … distracting myself by feeling each part of my feet touch the ground, my legs strong and my stride long, my torso stable, my lungs open, my arms and shoulders and hands and face relaxed… and by then, I’m well into the rhythm and my mind has stopped resisting.

I love how the warm sun feels on my skin, how the fresh ocean air fills my lungs, and how it feels to get into bed at night and let my muscles relax as my body sinks into the mattress.

We are physical beings, we are wired for physical sensation – our bodies give us access to an infinite number of ways to feel good. And what’s more – they are us, they are where we live.

What a gift!

How will you nurture your body today?

xx Leesa

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