Blowing in the wind

Blowing in the wind

Wow. So there’s this problem that I’ve been trying to solve for the last three weeks, on and off, when I get the time to focus on it for a bit.

It has now become time-critical so a decision had to be made. When it came up on my list (again) tonight, I’d had a very productive afternoon working through my to-dos, but I could feel this one thing lurking around in my peripheral vision, waiting down there at the bottom of the list, and I have to say I was dreading having to deal with it again. I felt like I had thought through every possible angle and would just come up blank again.

So – when it was time to bite the bullet – I got up and grabbed a glass of water and mentally prepared myself. And I thought – I need to do something differently, I need to centre myself and ask for an answer, I need to do something… and when I looked around my rather untidy loungeroom I just didn’t feel like sitting down and meditating on it. Instead I decided to go for a quick walk. My husband was in reading bedtime stories to my daughter, so I popped my head in and told them I was going out for a walk, ten minutes max, to clear my head, and off I went.

As I headed down the driveway I said to myself – “So. I need to make a decision here.” And I stated the problem out loud (well, sort of under my breath I guess, so as not to alarm the neighbours!), and the reason it was now critical to move on this decision, so it was clear in my head.

And do you know what –

the answer was just there.

Straight away, before I’d even finished crossing the road. It was clear and simple. I poked around for a minute looking for holes, but it was water tight. So there it was. I spent the next 5 minutes working through contingencies, dependencies and time lines, and then outlined my action plan for when I returned to my computer.

Then I thought – what if I did this every time I was stuck making a decision? What if I did this every day? How much more productive would I be? I think I know intellectually that you need to give your focus to a task to the exclusion of all other distractions, but until now I haven’t been very good at this. Now I know that a change of scenery, a firm intention, and a deadline all seem to have come together to create the space for the answers to appear. Because they are always, always there, you know. We just need to let them in, open the door, shine the light in the right direction, listen to the change in the wind.

I hope I can hold on to this understanding for the next time I’m faced with a seemingly impossible decision, that I can build it into my toolkit and enjoy how smoothly things can flow when I’m open to those answers I hadn’t even thought of. Give it a try next time you’re stuck… what have you got to lose.


xx Leesa


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