31 Cafes in 31 Days

31 Cafes in 31 Days

Change can be hard. Or not… it’s really up to us I suppose!  So, let me talk to you about how I’ve managed a recent big change in my life.

My little family and I have been living down on the Mornington Peninsula for the past 3 years – if you don’t know it, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Australia (it was the only Aussie destination to make it onto National Geographic’s Best of the World list in 2015).

But in November all that changed – my husband, who had been working from home for this whole time, was recalled into the office full-time from January 2016, in Richmond (on the outskirts of the Melbourne CBD).  Faced with either a second car + tolls + 3-hour round trip each day or a 4+hour round trip on public transport, we made the difficult decision to move up to the city.

So, 8 weeks later, here we are up in Surrey Hills – a beautiful leafy suburb with lots of parks, playgrounds, tram routes and shopping villages to explore. At first I felt a little overwhelmed with the change – leaving behind my friends and networks on the Peninsula, finding a new school for my daughter, getting to know a new neighbourhood, finding my rhythm. We are no strangers to moving, having relocated from Perth nearly ten years ago and living in 5 different houses over that time – but this time felt a little different, more forced, and seems to have taken a little more adjusting that we are used to.

So…Back to my point! As I mostly work from home, and will have my daughter at school this year,
I knew it would be IMG_0630_rt2important for me to find some local cafes to hang out at, drink good coffee, make new friends, and take advantage of free wifi wherever possible.  So I came up with the idea: this January, I will attempt to visit 31 new cafes in 31 days, and hopefully in the process (a) learn about my new neighbourhood and start to feel more like a local and (b) find a few favourite spots to frequent over the coming year

I feel like this idea works on a number of levels. This little plan will get me out there on a daily basis, get me to really explore my surroundings, and set me up with lots of lovely places to return to once school starts at the end of the month.  I love going to cafes to work, it gets me out of the house and gives some much needed social interaction and perspective; the change of scenery does wonders for my motivation and productivity; and I feel like I’m doing something fun, something I enjoy, something that makes me feel FREE (one of my core desired feelings – thanks Danielle LaPorte!).

Already this gives me ideas for the rest of the year… perhaps in February I will nurture myself with a different walk every day, or a new recipe for dinner, or another little ritual that I come up with. Taking little actions every day is a great way to look after yourself, develop some consistency in your life, and form new habits – this year, self-care and self-nurture is my priority. Why don’t you make it yours as well?

I’d love you to join me on my January adventure, so please follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see how I go, and comment to let me know what self-care ritual you are committing to this month – or to suggest your favourite Melbourne cafes for me to try out!

Happy happy 2016, let’s make this year the best one yet 🙂


xx Leesa

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